Select-TV signs on Intel Capital and MAVCAP


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. — Nov 16, 2010 — Select-TV, a global provider of IPTV systems and solutions today announced that Intel Capital, Intel's global investment organization aimed at investing and supporting profitable enterprises that will drive internet growth, enable new usage models, and advance industry standards, has invested in Select-TV in exchange for preferred stock.

Simultaneously, Malaysia Government owned MAVCAP (Malaysia Venture Capital Management Berhad), Malaysia's largest venture capital (VC) has increased their investment in Select-TV as part of the overall fund raising exercise.

"With this investment and partnership, Select-TV gained the necessary resources to capture the market share of the fast growing IPTV industry," said Select-TV CEO CS Goh. "We've worked hard and grown into a dominant player in the global IPTV solutions today and as clearly seen in our growth rate, Select-TV is poised to emerge as the leader in this industry. The capital, technology and leadership from Intel Capital and MAVCAP will ensure that Select-TV is equipped strategically and operationally to seize this growth opportunity."

Select-TV, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offers leading edge IPTV technologies to the hospitality (hotels, hospitals, cruise liners) and home markets. With a prestigious client list and successful deployments in both hospitality and homes, Select-TV's IPTV solution stands as a technology leader in the market. Select-TV's technologies deliver a unique and interactive experience in digital content for television. Ranging from entertainment to personal communication, Select-TV truly converge the internet, communication and entertainment into an interactive living room experience. Operating in 9 countries today, Select-TV continues to grow globally in an exponential rate.

"This investment demonstrates Select-TV's success in both our market positioning and organization performance," said Select-TV CFO Chin Fung Wei. "The capital infusion enables Select-TV to embark in large scaled projects especially for home IPTV deployments and invest in strategic markets to secure Select-TV's long term growth."

About Select-TV
Select-TV is a provider of end-to-end systems and content solutions for IPTV deployment. The company's technologies converges internet content and service, communication capabilities and digital entertainment to bring an interactive experience to the television screen. Serving the hospitality and home markets, Select-TV clientele includes prestigious hotels, hospitals and telecommunication operators.

About Intel Capital
Intel Capital, Intel's global investment organization, makes equity investments in innovative technology start-ups and companies worldwide. Intel Capital invests in a broad range of companies offering hardware, software, and services targeting enterprise, home, mobility, health, consumer Internet, semiconductor manufacturing and cleantech. Since 1991, Intel Capital has invested more than US$9.5 billion in over 1,050 companies in 47 countries. In that timeframe, 175 portfolio companies have gone public on various exchanges around the world and 241 were acquired or participated in a merger. In 2009, Intel Capital invested US$327 million in 107 investments with approximately 50 percent of funds invested outside the U.S. and Canada. For more information on Intel Capital and its differentiated advantages, visit