Monday, January 20, 2020
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EMAGINE for Hotels

Select-TV™ Administration aptly named XConsole (Xperience Console) is designed as an extremely powerful back-end solution to support the operations of Select-TV™. Built on web based architecture, Select-TV™ Admin allows anywhere and anytime access for operations personnel with the correct access level. All content, languages, etc. in Select-TV™ is managed using this function. Key capabilities are:
  • Content Management – adding and editing content
  • Online system access – accessing to guests terminal direct from system
  • Usage live reporting showing content used by guests such as movies watched and time watched
  • Terminal Management (registration of set top box to rooms)
  • Guests Billing Management (integrated to PMS)
  • Security Management
  • Language Translation and Management
  • Active Function Management (turning on and off functions and features)
  • Currency Management
  • Design and GUI Management
  • Reporting Tools (all reports will be generated as PDF)